If you want to send me feedback, rant and rave over something random, or ask me a question about anything (and I mean anything!), you can e-mail me at:

ryantakahashi87 (at) yahoo (dot) com

In case any of you were wondering, the photos in my blog header are from left to right: Alina Popa, Denise Masino, Lindsay Mulinazzi, Karen Zaremba, Victoria Dominguez, and Yvette Bova.

Also, if you live in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area or are traveling to the region soon, and would love to meet me in person (because, ahem, who wouldn’t?), let me know! I’d love to meet you for coffee or drinks and discuss our shared love for strong beautiful women.

9 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hey man I love your stories every time. But I would like to know, do you like female bodybuilders who are ripped to shreds where you see every muscle fiber like a anatomy chart or do you like offseason mass? also do you happen to have a facebook page? My favorite is Annie rivieccio who she one of many outstanding female bodybuilders who is strong and sexy!!! I would like to know what you think and share ideas, thanks so much and have a great weekend!!

  2. I haven’t checked your archive in a while. Did you do a post on the death of Chyna / Joanie Laurer ? I saw some pictures of her from when she was still a ” name ” & I was completely oblivious to the fact that she had retired / left / been forced out 3, 4 years before I saw said photos. Too bad that drugs ( probably including steroids ), alcohol & a fast, stressful life took their toll on her otherwise she’d still be around today. She wasn’t strictly an FBB but she did have to stay in reasonably good shape even after leaving the WWF / WWE.
    Just curious…..

  3. Hey I would like to say I’ve loved your article about female bodybuilders and how much they are looked at but in a different way and I want to say thank you as a fan of muscle and fan of female bodybuilders. I would like to ask you who would be your top 10 female bodybuilders and why? I noticed that you always like to classify the female bodybuilders or physique athletes in a particular way they have this type of look that you like and I had just wanted to know what is it that you see that’s different that most people probably don’t see. Keep up the good work and love your most recent post!!

    1. Hey Carl! I wrote an article about this several years ago listing my top 10 favorite female bodybuilders. However, the list is pretty outdated and I’ve changed my opinions (slightly) since then. You can read it here:

      However, my current top 10 would look like this:

      1. Denise Masino
      2. Alina Popa
      3. Cindy Landolt
      4. Lindsay Mulinazzi
      5. Isabelle Turell
      6. Yvette Bova
      7. Deidre Pagnanelli
      8. Angela Salvagno
      9. Karen Zaremba
      10. Theresa Ivancik

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