Meet the Author

Are you interested in meeting me? Of course you are!

I am more than happy to chat with my readers about my writing, the ideas I present on this blog, and anything else related to our favorite topic: female bodybuilders.

You can e-mail me at ryantakahashi87 (at) yahoo (dot) com. I will try to respond as soon as I can but please keep in mind I have a life of my own and that sometimes it might take a few days (or weeks) for me to adequately respond.

If you live in the Seattle area or are travelling to this region, I’d love to sit down for coffee and meet people who share my interests. I am also open to chatting via Skype if you live too far away to meet in-person.

Thank you to everyone who reads my writing, comments on my posts, and shares my content on social media. I feel blessed to have such curious and open minded readers.