Starting a Dialogue, Creating a Better World: An Open Letter from Ryan Takahashi

I never heard of Holland Canter before a young reader e-mailed me and mentioned her.
I never heard of Holland Canter before a young reader e-mailed me and mentioned her.

Dear readers,

When I first started this blog back in the spring of 2012, I did it because I had a fire lit inside me.

This fire was fueled by strong muscular women and my newly discovered attraction to them. This fire was unquenchable. A whole ocean of rushing water could not put out this flame.

Anyone who has discovered the world of female muscle knows what I’m talking about. What once seemed foreign is now more desired than whatever you previously considered “normal.” You’ll never look at a professional female athlete the same way. You’ll never look at a male athlete the same way either.

Any look a man can achieve a woman could achieve as well!” you’d enthusiastically say.

When I first launched this blog, the purpose was to give myself a place to publicly feature my fiction writing. It all started with “The Adventures of Ryan Takahashi” series. Since then I’ve written numerous articles and essays all about my personal attraction to female muscle. I’ve also been fortunate to have gathered an international readership that crosses multiple language and cultural barriers. For this I am eternally humbled.

Now my purpose has slightly changed. I’m no longer running this blog for personal reasons. I want to run it for more altruistic and educational reasons. I want to start a dialogue. I want to contribute to a larger conversation about sexuality, gender relations, sexism, pop culture and society. I want my writing to inform people. I want to comfort those who feel “weird” that they like muscular women. I want to inspire women who are insecure about their bodies that it’s okay to lift at the gym (and that it’s perfectly healthy to do so!). I want to teach people who think strong women are “gross” that they aren’t. They’re beautiful in ways you could never imagine.

I want people to open their minds, and ultimately…their hearts.

I want to start a dialogue. A rational, productive dialogue. No screaming matches. No hurling insults. No calling people hurtful names. No shouting, belittling or making condescending remarks. I want none of that. I want people to intelligently talk about these issues and discuss how we can all become better people.

Monica Brant was one of my first ever female muscle crushes. Wonder why?
Monica Brant was one of my first ever female muscle crushes. Wonder why?

I realize this is a pretty lofty goal. I understand that finding muscular women attractive isn’t the only sexual kink that needs to be de-stigmatized. I know we need to have a lot more discussions about a wider range of topics in order to truly make this world a better place. I’m not naïve to those facts.

But nevertheless, I want this blog to be a place where people can come together and share their stories, experiences, ideas, secrets and anecdotes in a safe, nonjudgmental environment. After all, that’s the beauty of the Internet. You can be completely anonymous. No one will ever know who you are unless you tell them.

“Ryan Takahashi” isn’t my real name. I don’t even live in Seattle. I live just outside of Seattle. But I am Japanese-American and a male under 30 years old. All this you can be assured of, I promise you.

I also can promise you that I respect privacy. No real names will be published here unless you want it mentioned. I’m also very open-minded and will not judge you for expressing your voice.

So this is an open invitation to start a dialogue with me. I’ve already received a number of e-mails from people all over the world who have come to me asking questions and wanting answers. I will admit I do not have all the answers. I’m not God. I’m just one person trying to make my way through this crazy universe. My perspective is no more valid than yours.

Think all Asian women are small and petite? Rebekah Kresila should change your mind about that.
Think all Asian women are small and petite? Rebekah Kresila should change your mind about that.

All I’ve done is put into words the feelings, desires and thoughts many of us share together. Someone has already dubbed me a “spokesman” for female muscle fans. Thank you for thinking of me in this way!

So, feel free to send me e-mails or write comments in any of the articles you read here. My e-mail address is ryantakahashi87 (at) yahoo (dot) com. (FYI – I write it out in this format to avoid Spam messages from unwanted sources)

Ask me anything. Vent to me. Give me suggestions on topics you want discussed on this blog. Feel free to disagree with me. Don’t feel like the conversation has to end with my words. If you want to be a guest writer, send whatever you’ve written and I’ll definitely consider publishing it on here. Fiction, non-fiction, random thoughts, incoherent ramblings, it doesn’t matter. Send me anything.

I don’t want to be the only voice on this forum.

We all have a voice. We all have ideas. Everyone has a story to share. Please, share it with me. I want to talk with you. I can guarantee others do as well.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my writings. I am truly humbled by all of you. Without you, I wouldn’t be doing this.

Peace be with you always.



I leave you with an image of Brenda Smith flexing her amazing biceps.
I leave you with an image of Brenda Smith flexing her amazing biceps.

5 thoughts on “Starting a Dialogue, Creating a Better World: An Open Letter from Ryan Takahashi”

  1. Very interesting comments from you Ryan. I do hope you will post my comments as I think people need to be aware that there are as many sexual conditions in the world as there are individuals. We are all born with a set of genetic factors over which we have no control. Unlike you, I am 73 years old and my attraction to female muscularity has never diminished. I have been with my wife for all of my adult life and, unfortunately, although we love each other with our faults and qualities as well blessed with three grown -up children, our sexual dysfunction has always plagued our relationship. I could write a story about it, as well as the story of my own development in the world of female muscularity. My particular attraction tom female muscle first stirred emotions in my teens. But in the fifties the ides of female muscularity wasn’t even on the radar screen. Anyway, I don’t wish to bore anyone here and if by chance there is an interest from anyone who would like to know the whole story, then of course it will be my pleasure to reveal it. Until then, it seems that you have created a blog that is truly a work of art and that you found a generous and non-judgemental audience, and for that I can only compliment you. Keep it up Ryan. You are only scratching the surface.
    John Brown
    Also not my real name….I wrote to you once before….

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for commenting. Are you sure you wrote to me? I just checked my inbox and I don’t see ever receiving an e-mail from a John Brown. Maybe I missed something.

      Or did you write a comment on one of my posts?

      Either way, if you want to share your personal story with me, feel free to do it publicly or sent me a personal message.



  2. Thanks again for your amazing blog, Ryan!
    Keep up the good work and Happy New Year 2014 😉
    John, a reader from France.

  3. Hmmm… I am not sure what to believe. We may or we may not have a mutual acquaintance between us, I’m just trying to connect the dots. I think he is genuinely trying to do the same. I can understand that you are trying to open up an honest dialogue on a small but interesting subject matter. As a female I can see from a perspective that most men can not. Especially when they are anonymous. For some I find it sort of courageous to open up about something that is so uncommon but yet as common as breathing clean air. Clean air, who doesn’t want it? What I don’t understand is why all the secrecy, sneaking around, whispering, why can’t guys just say it? I dig muscle on girls?

    I have an athletic back ground I’ve dabbled in bodybuilding, strength development, diet control, even a stab at boxing cross fit nothing serious but it’s challenging in itself. Based on main stream we are in this by our selves.. Yeah I try the personal training, its not all that it’s cracked up to be and as for professional status, you kidding me? The endorsements that you would expect to follow the status just isn’t there unless you fit the eye candy. Whether you can or can’t fit in, is that what the female athlete, no matter what the sport, is looking for, is it?

    I see it occasionally in the gym the die hard fans are as rare as the sport of bodybuilding is itself. Many people don’t take it serious, especially men, there is no stigma attached with the guys, so they don’t take exercise serious as we do, more and more girls and women are coming to the gym, not to be eye candy but actually be somebody. it’s these small shame based minority of guys that seem to keep, what ever “this” is in that anonymous subculture. Most of these guys, who seem to have been bitten by the bug at some early stage of development can’t seem to figure it out. Who really knows how far back this “thing” they refer to, has been going on. I would say in the last 30 years with women feeling more sure about themselves and more politically acceptable dialogue out in main stream, has helped. Hollywood is doing us no favors. There is one female who seems to be making strides in the Indy market. Her first name is Dallas, don’t recall her last, she’s not only a believable actress she’s also an accomplished musician. Most of the stuff coming out of main stream Hollywood is tongue in cheek painting a portrait of what the subculture wants to experience. Can’t anybody produce a movie script that has some content? Political correctness or not, the work still has to get done. I think with the right situation that many men will come to accept what is emerging from the gym in female form as something to respect and not just use. Garrett if you are reading this, GOOD for you.

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