Everything You Wanted to Know about Muscle Worship but Were Afraid to Ask

Roxie Rain worshiping Lynn McCrossin. Oh, yeah!
Roxie Rain worshiping Lynn McCrossin. Oh, yeah!

You may have heard about it somewhere online. Maybe it was a chat forum. Perhaps it was on someone’s blog. Or maybe you read about it on Wikipedia or saw a documentary about it on YouTube.

Wherever you first heard of it, you probably have a lot of questions about it.

Who does this sort of thing? Why? What happens during it? How often does this happen? Who started it?

This topic would be “muscle worship.” You may have also heard about it referred to as a “session.” Regardless, you probably have a lot of questions about what happens during a muscle worship session, who does this sort of thing and why on Earth a female bodybuilder would want to offer these bizarre services.

Luckily for you, I’m about to enlighten you about what this is all about.

Muscle worship, essentially, is when a participant is allowed to touch, caress, fondle, rub and praise the muscles of a session provider. This is set up usually in a hotel room (for the sake of safety for both parties) for a set fee. The conditions of the session are arranged beforehand and agreed upon by both parties prior to the meeting.

Usually the muscle worship provider is a male or female bodybuilder, athlete, wrestler or someone who takes their lifting time at the gym seriously. Male bodybuilders can have female clients who are attracted to muscular men as well as gay male clients who love the same thing. Likewise, female bodybuilders can also host both male and female clients (although from what I’ve heard, most of their clients are men).

Because bodybuilding isn’t a very lucrative sport, many of these athletes need additional income to finance their lifestyle. Professional bodybuilders have to go through a lot to achieve their desired physique. It requires gym memberships (sometimes multiple gym memberships – depending on personal preference, availability of certain trainers and equipment, travel schedules and other living conditions), food, dietary supplements, drugs (though not everyone takes drugs), personal training fees, travel costs, marketing/advertising efforts and other expenses related to the business.

It should be obvious to anyone that professional bodybuilders lead an unorthodox life which requires taking unorthodox measures to fully live this life. Working part-time as a muscle worship provider is one of those measures.

Some bodybuilders travel from city to city to meet clients. Others just work locally. Many choose to never do these sessions at all. Everyone has to do what they got to do to survive. Popular bodybuilders often develop a following (that sometimes stretches internationally) of dedicated fans who schedule muscle worship sessions with them periodically. Sometimes returning clients whom the bodybuilders particularly like get discounts and “extra” services with each subsequent meeting.

Who wouldn't want to touch the muscles of Fanny Palou?
Who wouldn’t want to touch the muscles of Fanny Palou?

Personally, so far I’ve participated in four muscle worship sessions with four different female bodybuilders. Three were travelling into town and one was local. To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about male bodybuilders and the sessions they provide, so my perspective here is limited to the female side of things. What I can tell you is that for anyone out there who loves strong women and has a fervent interest in meeting one of them in an intimate setting, I highly recommend you seek out a female bodybuilder who is coming to your area and schedule a session with her whenever you get the chance.

The pricing varies. Some women charge as little as $200 for an hour-long session and as high as $600. A session could last 30 minutes if that is the most you are able to afford. Others could last three hours or even the whole day if you want to make this more of a “date” instead of a simple appointment. Payment usually happens in person and many experienced muscle worship providers will require a deposit wired electronically to their bank account in advance.

There are websites that list the travel schedules of female bodybuilders, including wb270.com and sessiongirls.com. Many times the women list their schedules directly on their personal websites or Facebook pages. Finding out who is coming to your town or who already lives in your town isn’t terribly difficult if you know where to search.

As far as what goes on during a session, as mentioned before the conditions of the session should be discussed and agreed upon ahead of time, preferably before the deposit is given. Usually an FBB will at the very minimum wear a posing suit or bikini. For an extra charge, many will be willing to be either topless or completely nude. Sometimes the FBB will ask you what you want her to wear – whether it’s lingerie, a bathing suit or her birthday suit.

Most of the time the session will take place at a hotel room. For the sake of her own personal safety, an FBB doesn’t want to make “home visits” out of fear of not knowing the person they’re doing this session with. I don’t need to tell you that there are a lot of creepy and dangerous people out there. A hotel room is private, “neutral” and it’s an environment she can control.

Let’s take my first ever muscle worship session as an example. I contacted her via e-mail after seeing she was travelling to my city on wb270.com. After exchanging several e-mails, we decided on a one hour fully nude muscle worship session. She informed me she was staying at a motel in my city (conveniently for me, it was only a few miles away from my apartment). She also agreed to give me a hand job at the end of the session. I paid her an $80 deposit through her PayPal account and was given her phone number so I could text her 15 or so minutes prior to the session to find out which room she was staying in.

The chiseled physique of Heather Armbrust.
The chiseled physique of Heather Armbrust.

Now, this is where things get, ahem, interesting. This is probably the one aspect about muscle worship that most people are curious to learn: What types of sexual activities happen during a session?

Let’s back up for a moment and address the elephant in the room:

Are muscle worship providers prostitutes?

It’s a valid question. On the surface, it does certainly seem like what an FBB does with her clients resembles prostitution. The clients are paying money for services that are very sensual in nature. Sometimes actual sexual activity is performed. To be fair, if muscle worship is considered a form of prostitution, it definitely deserves to be in a subcategory of its own. It’s so different from the stereotypical image we get of a prostitute visiting her “john” that “erotic session” seems to be a more accurate label.

Of course, there’s something to be said about the word “prostitution” unto itself. It’s a very politically and socially charged word that brings about many connotations; both positive and negative (though mostly negative). As a culture, we think of prostitution as a seedy, dirty business between loose whores and desperately lonely men. This is unfair in many cases. Now, I’m not about to go on some pro-prostitution rant, because I will admit I’m not really informed enough to make an intelligent analysis on the subject. What I will say is that muscle worship is in fact a form of prostitution. You can’t deny it from a dictionary definition perspective. It involves someone using their body for money to perform acts of a sexual nature. That fits the objective description of “prostitution” as far as I can tell.

But understandably, a lot of people will be uncomfortable with this classification. Both FBBs and the men (and women) who love them. Trust me, I’m one of them. I love strong women so very much. I admire them enough to have started this blog. I’m a big enough fan of them that I’ve paid a handsome portion of my hard-earned dollars toward arranging muscle worship sessions with them.

I completely understand the taboo nature of the word “prostitute.” I understand how stigmatized this phenomena is in our culture and other cultures. I understand how difficult it must be to work in a profession where people out there either hate you for it or are disgusted by you for willing to participate in it. I can empathize with those (both the clients and the providers) who feel ashamed to be a part of it.

I get that. I get that this is why most FBBs refuse to call themselves prostitutes and vehemently deny their services fall into that category. I’m willing to bet many FBBs wish they didn’t have to engage in these sorts of activities. Can you imagine how difficult it must be to travel across the country (and world) and be away from your friends and family for extended periods of time just so you can meet complete strangers under secretive circumstances? I’m sure many of these women hate doing sessions. I’m sure many of them would quit – or at the very least downsize their involvement – if they had the adequate financial resources available to them.

Oooooh, Amber Deluca getting frisky with Victoria Dominguez. Yikes!
Oooooh, Amber Deluca getting frisky with Victoria Dominguez. Yikes!

Sadly, professional bodybuilding doesn’t make money. Only the elite competitors earn enough cash to call it a career. Endorsement deals, media exposure and prize money doesn’t exactly fall from the sky.

Of course, I can’t speak for all FBBs. I’m sure there are plenty out there who genuinely love doing sessions and meeting their clients. I’m sure there are lots of session providers who are proud of their work and are not ashamed of their on-the-side profession. But for those who are, or at least hold a certain degree of reservation for what they’re doing, I get why the label “prostitute” can hurt so much.

The woman I met for my first ever session is a mother whose daughter is only a few years younger than me. I met another who is married and another who has a long-term boyfriend back home. Can you imagine if you Googled your mother’s name and labels such as “whore,” “slut” and “skank” prominently came up? I’d be embarrassed beyond belief. Can you imagine being a husband and having to cope with the idea of your beloved wife pleasuring other men a whole ocean away from you? I can’t wrap my mind around that.

But I don’t want to get too melodramatic. I just thought it was appropriate to address the question many of you might be asking. Personally, when I had my four sessions, I never for one moment thought of the women I was meeting as prostitutes. I treated them kindly and with deep respect. I treated them like human beings, not living breathing sex toys. Of course, I’d treat a traditional prostitute the same way, but it never crossed my mind to treat these ladies as if they were any different from anybody else.

If anything, I treated them with more respect. I respect them for doing what they love regardless of the consequences. I respect them for doing something so socially unconventional and for enduring the weird stares, hurtful comments and awkward relationships it must create. If this is what they love doing, who cares what other people think? What others think about you is inconsequential.

But returning to the original question, what types of activities (both sexual and nonsexual) are offered during a muscle worship session? The possibilities are wide in range. This list is by no means complete or exhaustive:

  • Muscle worship
  • Wrestling (both competitive, semi-competitive and fantasy)
  • Role playing
  • Posing
  • Domination and submission
  • Lift and carry
  • Arm wrestling
  • Scissor holds
  • Face sitting, belly punching, boxing, smothering and other grappling/competitive activities
  • Fetish scenarios
  • BDSM activities (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism)
  • Oiling
  • Sensual massage
  • Sexual acts (blow jobs, cunnilingus, hand jobs, dry humping, kissing and vaginal sex)

Typically, the furthest sexual activity an FBB will allow is giving her client a hand job at the end (also known as a “happy ending” for those of you unfamiliar with the euphemism). Anything beyond that either is never on the table or comes at a very steep cost. Sometimes actual sex (or “full service”) is only reserved for repeat customers because the FBB knows the person and presumably feels comfortable around them.

Many times, no sexual activity is allowed. Not everyone is willing to go that far. Nor should any session provider feel like they have to in order to stay “in business.” As with anything, whatever is mutually agreed upon prior to the session is fair game.

But the real reason why clients seek out these sessions is for the muscle worship aspect. Let’s discuss this a little bit more.

“Worship” isn’t necessarily to be interpreted literally. A client won’t deify the muscles of the session provider as if they were God or Allah incarnate. It’s “worship” in a more sensual, playful way. The men who participate in these sessions obviously share a fetish for female muscle. Just look up the words “sthenolagnia” and “cratolagnia” if you need a refresher.

A very erotic lady is Yvette Bova.
A very erotic lady is Yvette Bova.

Let’s put it this way: Strong women with big muscles are rare. Not everyone’s wife or girlfriend possesses the ripped, bulging muscles of Alina Popa. Not every lady out there can sport a chiseled physique like Victoria Dominguez. Women who look like Lisa Cross, Lauren Powers and Yvette Bova mostly exist in our wildest dreams.

So, the only way men can live out their fantasies is to participate in these sessions. Watching videos on the Internet or chatting with an FBB through her webcam only goes so far. Sometimes you need to experience the “real thing.” And muscle worship sessions are about as real as you can get.

“Worship” usually means feeling her body and touching her muscles to your heart’s delight. Sometimes you might pretend to worship her as if she was an actual Goddess, but role-playing isn’t always a factor here. The client may heap endless verbal praise onto her. He may treat her like a divine figure. But mostly, he just wants to feel those big beautiful muscles in his hands. He wants the tactile experience of being able to engage in his personal fetishistic fantasies.

Fetishism is really what this all boils down to. A fetish is defined as “any object or nongenital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.” These men fetishize the muscles of these women. It’s as simple as that. For whatever reason – her strength, muscles, bulk, size and power really turns you on. It turns you on to the point that you must experience it for yourself up close and personal even if it comes at a significant financial cost. But for anyone with a strong fetish for something, it’s worth every penny.

In a strange way, a muscle worship session is nothing more than a business transaction. You are paying someone for particular services. These services are usually done tax-free (meaning the government and the IRS will have no knowledge that these sorts of shenanigans are happening), but business is business no matter how it transpires. Everyone has to do what they got to do to get by, am I right?

After a session comes to an end, the client will try to leave the venue as discreetly as possible. If the hotel staff gets suspicious that possible illegal activity is happening at their establishment, the FBB could get in trouble. No one wants that to happen. So in light of that, here is a list of important protocol every client should keep in mind when setting up a muscle worship session:

  1. Be discreet: Because of the awkward nature of these sessions, it is important that everyone respects the privacy and anonymity of the other person. Would you want your boss or grandmother to know that you paid a woman $350 to touch her body? Yeah, probably not! So keep in mind the importance of not leaving a paper trail or compromising her identity if she wishes to remain inconspicuous. She may have kids, parents, relatives, co-workers, church friends and neighbors from whom she wants to keep her extracurricular activities a secret. This is why both parties must be discreet.
  2. Be respectful of each other’s boundaries: Make sure you agree on everything that is to happen at this muscle worship session beforehand. Never assume what’s on the table and what’s not. She may not want to do certain things with you. Respect those boundaries and don’t push your luck. Never do anything drastic before requesting permission. In fact, when in doubt, ask her. Ask her what you want from her. Ask her what is okay and what isn’t. This way, there won’t be any ambiguity going on. Preferably, ask her ahead of time so you can prevent being disappointed after the session ends.
  3. Keep open lines of communication flowing: In addition to always asking for what you want, make sure you maintain an open line of communication so you don’t get important details like hotel information or payment policies mixed up. You never want miscommunication to ruin your session. Remember, she has a stake in this too. She doesn’t want to disappoint. Help her help you.
  4. Treat her like a lady: Don’t treat her like a piece of meat whose only purpose is to serve your every whim. Don’t be a jerk. Respect her just as you would show respect to your mother. Treat her like a lady. She’s risking quite a lot to offer these sessions. She’s making sacrifices that deep down inside she might not want to make. So make it worth her while. Don’t demonstrate douchebag behavior. No one wants any of that nonsense.
  5. Don’t flake out: Yes, unexpected scheduling conflicts do occasionally happen. But don’t ever flake out on an appointment. These women travel thousands of miles to come to your city. Don’t promise her you’d show up for your 5:00 p.m. appointment only for you to completely blow her off. The cost of flying from airport to airport and booking hotel rooms is really expensive. Don’t flake out unless you have a very good excuse. And if you do, please e-mail, call or text her if something unexpected does unfortunately come up.
  6. Tell her what you want so that you can have the best session experience possible: In case you need a reminder, she wants to give you a good time. Very rarely does a session provider not care if you have a splendid time or not. They want to fulfill your fantasies and have you begging for more. This is good for business and ensures she can make a handsome buck in the process. This goes along the lines of constantly communicating with each other. Talk to her about what will make your experience the best it can be. Don’t shy away from the moment. Live a little!

After a session is over, many guys will write reviews on popular websites like saradas.org. Some FBBs might appreciate you sending them kind e-mails afterward so that she can post them on her website or on session directories. As always, if the FBB chooses to use a fake name, don’t “out” her on the Internet. That’s a big no-no. Anything written on a chat forum or blog can be read by millions of people. Don’t be “that guy.” If she doesn’t want her true identity revealed, don’t reveal it!

Even if you don’t know for sure if she doesn’t want her identity revealed, be on the safe side and keep things under wraps. After all, these sessions are very private in nature and should remain private. There’s no need for the entire world to know what happened during that one hour in that hotel room. You know…what happens in Vegas…

If everything turns out well and a year or two later she returns back to your city, you can set up another session with her! And who knows? She may decide to offer a little “extra” for her faithful clients.

My new female muscle crush: Lindsay Mulinazzi.
My new female muscle crush: Lindsay Mulinazzi.

Or she may not offer anything extra. Never feel entitled to anything other than what you two agree upon beforehand. Make sure she consents to everything. Never assume anything. Never leave anything unspoken that should be brought to light.

In other words, use common sense. That can’t be too hard, hm?

Whew. That’s a lot to cover. And I never even got into things like wrestling or BDSM. I’ve personally never done those sorts of things before, so my expertise on these subjects is admittedly limited. What I am reasonably knowledgeable about is traditional muscle worship. Trust me, it’s a very glorious world once you get into it!

Muscle worship is fun. It’s meant to be fun. It’s erotic fun, but it’s fun nevertheless. So have fun when you do it. Come with a smile. Prepare to enjoy yourself. Yes, it’ll be nerve-wracking right before it starts, but once things get going the butterflies in your stomach will go away.

I will admit that this article isn’t exhaustive about describing the world of female muscle worship sessions. Generally speaking, people will use the acronym “YMMV” to describe their experiences. This stands for “your mileage may vary.” This means every session provider is different and will be different depending on who you are and what you ask for. I can’t give you hard and fast rules. You have to see for yourself.

One last note before I end this lengthy article. As strange, odd, weird, peculiar, atypical and controversial as the concept of muscle worship may appear, at the end of the day there’s really nothing bizarre about it. Some men find muscular women attractive. Because muscular women are rare in our society, the only way for these men to enjoy this particular fetish is to engage in these sessions. That’s all there is to it. Certainly, these sessions are unorthodox in nature, but the reasons they happen are very simple.

Can I measure the beautiful biceps of Gina Davis?
Can I measure the beautiful biceps of Gina Davis?

We have interests and needs that we want fulfilled. If there are people out there who are willing to fulfill these needs, what’s the harm? No one is being forced to do this. Everyone on planet Earth has needs. You can’t escape that fact. So don’t think of muscle worship as being dirty, exploitative, deviant or immoral. It’s a simple business transaction between two consenting adults.

Yes, this transaction is erotic in nature, but that shouldn’t muddy the waters. Eroticism can be a beautiful thing. No one should be punished for living out their fantasies as long as no one gets hurt in the process. Hopefully there won’t be too much disagreement over this notion.

So there you have it. Everything (or mostly everything!) you wanted to know about muscle worship but were afraid to ask. This is just a starter. A primer. A summary. There is a whole world out there that even I am not totally familiar with. I am no expert. I’m just someone who operates a humble blog out here in the WordPress blogosphere.

Try for yourself what muscle worship is like if you’re truly curious. And guess what? You might be able to answer all these questions on your own!

13 thoughts on “Everything You Wanted to Know about Muscle Worship but Were Afraid to Ask”

  1. Hi Ryan, thanks so much for being without doubt the most eloquent writer in this field on the internet. It makes such a huge difference to not just hear someone else’s experience (as is also possible on Saradas.org) but to hear it from a slightly more reasoned approach.

    In relation to your ideas, as one ‘sthenolagniac’ to another, I completely agree it is very difficult to find a very muscular woman who is, as you say, “rare in our society”. Whilst running the risk of appearing unreasonably self-important, I think this means that our sexual motives are always slightly more frustrated than most peoples’. We may have brief moments of relief with a few stronger than average women, but even if they go away the ‘need’ for muscular women still remains.

    Your description of our human desire, and the ability to accept that in the act of female muscle worship, is very refreshing. Although not the purpose of your article, you do hint at an issue concerning what is ‘socially acceptable’. I believe this is an incredibly important area of discussion which I don’t believe you have covered in previous articles and I will use myself as an example to clarify what I mean. I have had strong feelings for muscular women since the age of thirteen. I am now approaching twenty-five. In this time, my behaviour with the opposite sex, whilst seemingly ‘fine’ to most, has always been affected by their physical fitness. As I passed puberty and adolescence, I started to become highly turned on by more physically fit women. Obviously, most men do, but the difference is I was turned on by muscular strength.

    Now, try telling this to anyone. Tell them, you love highly-developed muscular women. What will they say? Do you think they are likely to respond with the same level of enthusiasm as if you were talking about purely slightly ‘toned’, but still fit, women. The stereotype is true. They will not. It is not because it is immoral to prefer the former over the latter, but rather because it is not socially acceptable. It is not the social norm. Because highly muscular women are a “rarity”, as you say, people are not conditioned to think that that is the socially acceptable depiction of beautiful women.

    I suppose, it’s much like finding larger women or women with lots of tattoos and facial piercings attractive. It’s all about conditioning. Given time, it is possible that highly muscular women will be depicted as the majority’s view of socially acceptable beauty, but at the moment, it is not.

    This brings me onto emotional issues. Without bringing you or anyone else who reads this into feeling like they’re embarking on a Freudian discovery of themselves (that’s for a whole other blog, I think), I would like to remind that society does affect us, a lot. Because I do not feel that to most people I can assert my love of muscular women, I feel I cannot express this. This has indirectly caused me considerable grief in the past as I have felt unable to express myself, causing me in adolesence to have developed a considerable degeree of shyness in recognition that I am not like most people. Before puberty I was a very confident child. It was as if realising I was different completley rattled me, particularly because I couldn’t talk to my family or friends about it. But, whilst I feel I have overcome a lot of this in terms of self-confidence, I believe society’s affect on sthenolagniacs must have had equally damaging effects to many others also.

    So, I believe there is scope for greater discussion in this area. If you see this as the potential building-blocks to a large article, I welcome it and am very willing to contribute. As may have happened with the increase of piercings and tattoos in society, the credibility of muscular women as ‘beautiful’ can increase. There is only one person in the world who knows my feelings towards muscular women. We were very close friends for a short time but she had to move to the other side of the world from where I am (the UK). I’m surprised I’ve coped without telling anyone else for all these years, but I suppose that’s human resilience for you. In a grandiose manner, however, I would like to say that human resilience can change society. We can be more sincere to ourselves as to what is beauty and in doing so can allow people to think that there other ways to conceive of beauty.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a gradual process. I’m not going to run outside of my student halls tomorrow and profess my love of female bodybuilders to the roof tops! But maybe if I do engage in the quintessentially ‘manly’ pursuit of discussing our favourite women, maybe, just maybe I’ll say I like my women more like Chyna from WWF than Nicole Scherzinger from Pussy Cat Doll fame.

    To leave this large post on a cliffhanger, not only could male sthenolagniacs feel better about this, but think about women. If society was more accepting of female bodybuilders as being beautiful, then when would any young woman who feels like ‘pumping iron’ (as you Americans say) ever hesistate that they were anything but feminine in doing so? Feminism and equal rights would abound. People would more clearly understand what it is to be feminine and, more importantly, what it is to be human. I’m not trying to be Martin Luther King, but I do think what I say makes sense. I feel like I am the first to have said it but I no longer wish to feel alone, and I damn well don’t believe I’m alone there.

  2. I just wanted to say that I found this post fascinating and relate to the struggles that us female muscle adoring men experience. As body builder proportioned muscular women are so incredibly rare in every day life (and even if we met one they would likely prefer bodybuilder men or even women), averagely toned men like me would stand no chance. Therefore I can never feel truly fulfilled sexually as my desires for female muscle are just so strong that there is always something missing for me. I have tried so so hard to suppress this but it is just what I like and who I am. I cannot move on from it.

    This admiration for muscular strong women began in childhood. On television Wonder Woman used to excite me as a nine year old in ways I could not comprehend but I knew that her strength made me feel just so buzzing and I used to dream of being saved and protected by her. In real life, there was a family friend’s daughter who was two years younger than me but i found myself fancying her above all girls of my own age at school due to her unique tom boyish personality and physical strength. She could beat all the boys of my age at arm wrestling and in fights and feats of strength when she was just thirteen. When I started work, I almost fell in love with my female boss at the furniture restoration shop where I worked. I was 18 and she 37 but her muscular arms and immense physical strength as she lifted really heavy items of furniture and cycled 10 miles to work every day really excited me. She was not afraid or embarrassed to talk about her muscles and strength and delighted in initiating and winning bicep and calf muscle size comparisons with us men. Her muscles made ours look puny when side by side with her’s. I deliberated for about 24 months whether to ask her out but chickened out and deemed it inappropriate when I looked through her house window one evening in an approach to ask her out and saw another woman sat on her knee watching television. I stood and watched for a while and actually saw them kissing very passionately. I actually found tears running down my face and I ran home in tears and cried into my pillow at home. I actually resigned form the job a few months later as my feeling for her were to strong to handle. I told a friend about my feelings for her and he made fun of me fancying an older very strong woman. i stopped short of saying that I loved her muscles, just sticking to that i fancied her and she happened to to strong.

    Around this time, whilst at my Dad’s house, I was looking through a Sunday Newspaper supplement and my eyes almost popped out of my head when I turned the page and was confronted with the image of a female bodybuilder with huge defined muscles. I just stared at the image taking in every ripple, sinew and undulation that the 2 dimensional image cold convey. I found myself incredibly aroused and read and reread the article and stared at her picture. I did not notice my Father come in and the first I knew of his arrival was him saying “I cant stand muscles on a woman… can you?”. I was taken aback and merely conformed that i couldn’t either.

    I have remained largely true to myself and my tastes on a personal level and admire muscular women from afar. The most beautiful women in the world could not come closed to a 50 year old wrinkled female body builder in my eyes and her strength and muscles give a dimension that most women just cannot match.

    I never found a muscular partner however, even in gyms the women were fit and strong enough to have me admiring and aroused by them but not fully, like a woman with huge muscles cold do (as in my fantasies and my former boss).

    I am now a forty one year old married man, who is incredibly in love with his wife. In fact she even has one components of my ideal women in that she is incredibly physically strong for her size. Privately however, my sexual gratification is fulfilled by internet access to pictures and videos of extremely muscular or incredibly strong women.

    This introduces a moral dilemma. I adore my wife and would not do anything to hurt her. I cannot however (and I have tried so hard to do so) switch off my feelings for muscles though and almost feel that if i lived my life without experiencing this, I would have something major missing. Almost like a closet gay person reaming in a heterosexual relationship. I know that this example does not truly fit and is an exaggeration in terms of life style but my feelings a so very strong. I would not leave my wife for anybody else (muscular or otherwise), but as a sort of compromise to my marriage and my real deep desires and sense of self, am seriously considering arranging a muscle worship session with a female bodybuilder. No sex or “Happy ending” hand job, as the objective is not to feel like a sex session, but the chance to actually feel, explore, touch, caress (if the mood took me) and spend time up very closely around female muscle. I am aware that my desires may be too strong for me to contain and that I could embarrassingly inadvertently explode into orgasm whilst i am stroking her quads, but this is a risk I would take. it could go the other way of course and feel too artificial and non sensual despite my obvious admiration.

    I have exchanged a few emails with a session provider and we are at the stage of making arrangements for a hotel room and dates and times etc.
    I am exhilarated and afraid at the same time. The thought of getting up close and personal to her amazing sculptured biceps, shoulders, abs and legs is a dream like thought. not to mention her most mind blowing glutes. She seems perfect, except for one thing; she is a little younger than me and I would ideally prefer a woman in her fifties. I have struggled online to find one to approach as muscle worship in the UK does not appear to be an at all widespread thing. Pity as I prefer older women for their composure, experience, personality, femininity and dare I say it, even looks. I like a lady’s face that looks naturally beautiful and full of characterful and older woman seem to have this more than younger. I like their voices too and when this is combined with feminine muscularity and strength, it is the embodiment of perfection. Still, you cannot have everything I suppose, but muscles are what this is really about. and the lady I have been exchanging emails with has these in abundance.

    I hesitate to actually make a firm booking though as if this were a form of cheating on my wife, I just couldn’t do it. I rationalise this that all of my fantasises consist of muscular women, that I cannot look at a female bodybuilder or even think of one without becoming massively aroused and that by merely engaging in a session with one where no sex or nudity is involved, that this would just be a private matter of me living a life long dream. I hesitate however as I know that if my wife found out that she would no way understand this and would see it as my being unfaithful and not really desiring her. I do desire her but unfortunately, the capacity in my desires for female muscles are not something that she can ever fill. I wouldn’t want it too as it is not her. Maybe a muscle worship session can do that and even help me move on from it? Then again more questions than answers emerge from this whole affair but I just have to experience this, if only for one session only.

  3. We are in 2017 and your article still relevant. Thanks for share your thoughts. I’m into the world female muscle fetish, i did many muscle worship sessions, and here in Brazil i have a forum and website to help other guys like me to realize their fantasies.

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