A Female Muscle Fetish Might Not Actually Be a Fetish

"Fetish" is a strong word. And Betty Viana is a strong lady.
“Fetish” is a strong word. And Betty Viana is a strong lady.

Readers of this blog will frequently see the words “female muscle fetish” grace across their screen. Heck, it was an article titled “Top 10 Misconceptions About Having a Female Muscle Fetish” that practically put me on the map (albeit, a very small map) in the first place. So I obviously owe a great debt to the SEO gods for this phrase.

But after years of thinking about this tantalizing topic, I’ve come to the conclusion that “fetish” might be a slightly misleading label. Words having their own meaning, but it’s the connotation behind words that often times matters more. For many of us, the word “dentist” might make us cringe because of how much we hated going to the dentist as kids (and adults). Even if our dentist was the nicest person on planet Earth, the experience of having cavities filled in and anesthesia injected into our mouths was too traumatizing to make up for it.

Likewise, the word “fetish” can bring up certain associations that aren’t always true or fair. Simply defined, a fetish is “an object or bodily part whose real or fantasied presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression.”

Whoa. Sounds heavy. Sounds serious. Sounds…confusing.

So when most of us use the word “fetish,” we’re most likely using it wrong. It’s a strong word, just like “hate” and “love.” Generally speaking, when we say the word “fetish,” we really mean “something you’re really sexually into.” Emphasis on the word “really.”

The world of female muscle fetishism runs a wide spectrum. There are guys who think fit women are sexy but don’t spend too much time thinking about them. There are guys who obsess over being physically dominated by a woman. There are some who enjoy this kink every once in a while. There are others who cannot fully enjoy sex without this aspect mixed in with it. And there are most of us who are in the middle.

Eve Stevenson is showing off how she got those big biceps.
Eve Stevenson is showing off how she got those big biceps.

The word “fetish” should probably imply a more extreme version of liking muscular women. But a lot of us aren’t that into it. We lust over Mavi Gioia, but we’re not willing to go to unhealthy extremes to meet her in person. We love being physically dominated by a female (either dominatrix or bodybuilder), but we’re not going to break our bank to satisfy this kink every weekend. We have our limits and we respect those limits. So is that truly a “fetish” or a “keen interest?”

But this discussion has less to do with psychology and more to do with terminology. On a larger cultural level, the concept of “female muscle fetishism” tends to imply a number of characteristics about the person who has this fetish. Some of them include, but are not limited to:

  • He (or she) enjoys being physically beaten or abused by a strong woman
  • He (or she) has low self-esteem and derives pleasure from putting their insecurities on display
  • He (or she) is obsessed with their fetish to the point it will most likely ruin their lives
  • He (or she) is socially deviant in some way
  • He (or she) should seek help
  • He (or she) obviously doesn’t find other body types attractive if they have this type of fetish

Essentially, the stereotype associated with female muscle fetishism is that the people who love strong women have a level of sexual attraction to them that either crosses a line or gets eerily close to it. What is that line exactly? Usually, it has something to do with exhibiting unhealthy or socially inappropriate behavior. They need to be counseled before they take things too far. After all, can someone who’s into muscular women be able to hold a fully functional relationship with a “normal” looking woman?

Are we really that far outside the norm?

But I beg to differ. I don’t speak for all guys (and gals) who adore muscular women, but I can say with great confidence that my tastes are not outside of what society deems to be acceptable. Admittedly, it is unusual for a guy to really dig big, buff women…but it’s not rare. The readership statistics of my humble blog alone proves that there are folks all across the globe who share this interest.

Nobody defined the 90s like Pamela Anderson.
Nobody defined the 90s like Pamela Anderson.

This is why I’ve come to the conclusion that “fetish” may be too strong of a word. I’ve also used the phrase “female muscle fans” or “female muscle lovers.” I’ve written at length that my love for muscular women isn’t just physical or sexual. I admire their dedication, confidence, attention to detail, self-discipline and unwavering belief in themselves. The life of a bodybuilder, especially a female bodybuilder, is an arduous journey. Whoever is tough-minded enough to embark on that journey deserves our praise.

For me, and perhaps for many of you, we love muscular women – but they are not the only types of women we love. For almost 20 years I’ve harbored strong celebrity crushes on Famke Janssen and Rena Mero. As a teenage boy, I cannot tell you how many times I fantasized about Pamela Anderson while, ahem, “taking care” of myself in my bedroom. I don’t care that all three of these women are in their 40s. If the opportunity were to come up, I’d make sweet love to all of them (of course, I’d probably have to be extra careful about Miss Anderson, but that’s a whole other issue!) all night long.

Perhaps it’s not an accident that I discovered Famke Janssen when she played the sexy dangerous Xenia Onatopp in GoldenEye (1995), a move that’s now 20 years old. In addition to GoldenEye being my favorite James Bond movie (The Living Daylights is a distant second, followed by 2006’s Casino Royale in third place), it obviously struck a chord with me as a prepubescent boy watching a character with raw animalistic sexuality killing her enemies by choking them with her strong legs. Also, Rena Mero was a WWF Diva for the longest time. She also beat her opponents senseless with her ruthlessly brutal strength. I understand both women were playing characters, but their impact has definitely left a mark on me.

Famke Janssen remains just as beautiful today as she was 20 years ago. Maybe more beautiful, if I may say so myself.
Famke Janssen remains just as beautiful today as she was 20 years ago. Maybe more beautiful, if I may say so myself.

I don’t hold too many celebrity crushes today, but certainly there are non-muscular women who excite me just as much as their buffer sisters. The young lady I currently have my eye on (I don’t think she likes me very much, but that’s not important right now) is as skinny as can be. She’s really darn cute and has almost no muscle mass whatsoever. No big deal. I still really like her!

But would any of you consider Famke Janssen or Rena Mero – you may have to rewind your clocks back to the 90s for a moment – a Bond villainess and a WWF wrestler, outside the norm of “sexy?” I wouldn’t. If I had to choose a celebrity crush today, I might lean toward Monica Bellucci (who, once again, is a Bond woman who just turned 51). Once again, is that so bizarre? If I had to choose between spending a night of passion with Ms. Bellucci versus Denise Masino, I’d probably pick Monica. But it would be a close battle.

See? My female muscle fetishism does have boundaries! I can still be reasonable every once in a while.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. For me, muscular women aren’t the only type of women I love. They’re just one particular type I find especially appealing. Just because Thai food is my favorite cuisine in the world doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy a delicious Italian dinner here or there. Baseball and football (not soccer. Sorry, non-American readers) might be my two favorite sports to watch, but if a basketball game were to sneak up on my TV, I might sit down and see what’s going on. Especially if an all-world player like Steph Curry is playing.

Muscular women are just one tool in the toolbox. They have a body type I find quite arousing, but that doesn’t mean non-muscular women don’t also turn me on. It doesn’t have to be “either, or.” Rarely in life do we have to choose between two stark contrasting choices. We can have it both ways!

But alas, odds are I will continue to use the phrase “female muscle fetish.” There’s nothing inherently wrong with this description. It might be a bit inaccurate, but it’s not entirely incorrect.

The self-proclaimed "Bond woman" herself, the Italian Goddess Monica Bellucci.
The self-proclaimed “Bond woman” herself, the Italian Goddess Monica Bellucci.

On the other hand, it is indisputable that many of us feel a level of attraction to strong women that can be indescribable. It pulls us in and refuses to let go. At least once a day (usually after I get back home from work) I need to check out my usual lineup of favorite female muscle-related blogs. I’m not such an addict that I need my “fix” while sitting at work. But when I’m at home, how can I not spend a few minutes and browse new photos of Juliana Malacarne, Lindsay Mulinazzi, Amber DeLuca or Monica Martin? Can you really blame me?

There’s a fine line between “keen interest” and “unhealthy obsession.” I cannot fully describe to you what they are, but I have a pretty good idea. An unhealthy obsession develops when you cannot control your own actions. When you become “addicted” to it, that’s when you know you’ve crossed this sacred line. I am not advocating for anyone to jeopardize their relationships and personal lives over our shared interest. If you feel like any of your sexual fetishes are causing tangible harm to your life, please seek out professional help immediately. I cannot stress this point enough.

Whatever happened to Rena Mero, a.k.a. Sable?
Whatever happened to Rena Mero, a.k.a. Sable?

However, most of us are not in this camp. Thankfully, we love muscular women but our love for them does not have a despotic stranglehold on us. “Fetish” might be too bold of a word, but it definitely serves the purpose of describing our “keen interest” as something that goes beyond a casual diversion. There’s nothing casual about our fandom. It’s made an indelible mark. But is it unhealthy? I would positively say “no” to that.

Words have meaning. But so do emotions. And gut reactions. We know beauty when we see it. We may not be able to put an actual word – or string of words – to it, but we don’t have to. We can appreciate something without slapping an artificial label on it. Fetish or no fetish, that’s somewhat irrelevant. It is what it is. We love muscular women. Period. What this love should be called matters very little to us.

20 thoughts on “A Female Muscle Fetish Might Not Actually Be a Fetish”

  1. Ryan,

    I’ve been obsessed with female muscle for 60 years. I don’t really need to explain why, or what causes it, but for what it’s worth, here’s a little thought about the ‘fetish’. We are all attracted in some way to reproductive features in the opposite sex over which we have no control. But if there was one way by which female muscle attraction can be explained, it lies in the condition of natural selection. Muscle is an important asset of survival in most mammalian species as it allows its bearer a greater amount of assets to capture prey, or to fight off competitors. Female muscle is just a rendition of that natural condition which leads to better chances of survival in the wild. As such, that is the reason for an attraction to female muscle, a simple way for natural selection to outdo the competition.

    Thought I would just add that little thought to the pot….

    Take care, and no worries about what others think….

    John Turcot

    om: The Adventures of Ryan Takahashi [mailto:comment-reply@wordpress.com] Sent: Wednesday, December 9, 2015 9:18 PM To: jturcot@telus.net Subject: [New post] A Female Muscle Fetish Might Not Actually Be a Fetish

    ryantakahashi posted: ” Readers of this blog will frequently see the words “female muscle fetish” grace across their screen. Heck, it was an article titled “Top 10 Misconceptions About Having a Female Muscle Fetish” that practically put me on the map (albeit, a very small ma”

  2. Wow! I just became a recent follower. As a woman I never thought of it like John Turcot has described the “fittest cull the weakest” syndrome? I mean really who’s into fatty or skinny? Only the fetish crowd with whips and chains and free access, you know something’s wrong with that a real fetish. Is that the word I’m looking for “syndrome” it sounds so medical? I agree with all my heart that the next generation can only survive because of mutual sexual exchange between the stronger of the genders. This is going to be a real problem for recent converts to the gay alternative. Not condemning or excusing them for their “syndrome”. LOL Because if the gay community fails to find new converts what happens to “their” next generation, they obviously can’t produce after their own kind. HELLO… so “what will they do” once the party is over and they have to wake up or shut up? I only say this, not because I’m a gay hater, quit the contrary, being a muscular woman or an admirer of muscular women only breeds unanswered questions. It seems as if the ignorant judge our place as gayable, Is that a word? Muscular female admiration is just a different taste, nothing more or less, kind of scary for some. Calling it fetish, kinky what ever only condemns those who think so. Stop it! My concern, how do we party animals cull the heard as John a 60 year old survivalist has stated, if not muscle then what? If it’s only natural to cull the weak from the strong why preserve the poor? I’ve never been able to quit understand this never ending war on the displaced, are they not clearly the weaker and what is the gay community going to do once the converts realize the end is approaching faster than they can amuse themselves in their own delusions, we the straights are suppose to tolerate, it’s your language I’m just using it? What happens when the converts realize they really are not gay and they really want to flip-flop, could it be to late like Ryan has stated, PROFESSIONAL HELP? Why is everything a medical solution? I’m for weed as long as it’s home grown and not in the hands of the Feds and big Pharma, who wants to pay $20 of a pack of joints? I’ve smoked dope it’s relaxing until it wears off and I remember, fuck I’m sick I’m hurtin!!! Female Bodybuilding really get’s a bad rap. We don’t build our body’s because we want to be like THEM we don’t even do it for equality, so don’t go and blame us as if we are a bunch of prostitutes just trying to access our pro cards. What happens when the true faithful gay converts realize, fuck this is the end. Hey we all worship what we all worship and we all addict to what we addict, at least muscular woman are trying to establish a beachhead of equality, that is what we are doing, right Ryan? Wow thanks John and thank you Ryan for excusing all this BS. Both you guys ought to run for political office. If there is any good coming out of this, it’s the fact someone is willing to frame the question, what is FBB, so far nobody seems to have a clue.

  3. I think Sable is still married to Brock Lesnar.

    And also, what would you say about a person that finds it difficult to impossible to date women without muscle or heavily athletic pursuits?

  4. Personally, I never once considered my interest in female muscle (since I was 14 years of age. 44 now) a fetish. Why? Because I actually would love to have a muscular woman as my significant other.

    1. Incidentally, I have never once had a session with a muscular lady before, so I don’t consider myself to have an unhealthy obsession. It is just that my interest over the years has gotten to the point of wanting to be with a muscular gal.

      Unfortunately, with the way society (I’m speaking of the USA which is where I reside) feels towards muscular women, there just aren’t the numbers of them out there to have the opportunity to meet as there really SHOULD be. Those who are interested in dating muscular guys don’t exactly have difficulty meeting one because they are out there practically everywhere to be seen when one is out-and-about. As for those who are interested in dating a muscular gal, it is difficult to find one to meet and potentially date.

      One should not HAVE to join a gym, visit a heath food store, etc. to find a muscular woman to potentially meet, get to know, and date. They just should be out there to be seen like muscular guys are. It is such a sad shame that even in this day and age muscular women are still figured to be “taboo”. It really makes no sense whatsoever that this is the case.

      1. Oh… oh… I see you think that American Female Bodybuilders SHOULD be made available, why? Is that the way they do it in other countries? That’s BS. Why should we make ourselves available to anybody? You did use the word SHOULD, do I understand that correctly or am I just pickin at the bones? If American men are attracted to the more muscular kind then show up, throw some money where your mouth is and I’m not talkin cam shit or sessions, that shit just perpetuates this crap! The reason there is no money for the sponsors to tag along with is because of all the promiscuity and BS going on behind the real operations. No company out there wants to tag their company name to something that has yet to be defined. Hell, men for years suffered from gay-phobia, if it hadn’t been Arnold we’d still be in those dark dingy infested gyms clanking metal plates hoping not to catch something. You know very will what I’m referring too. Little boys dreamed of being Mr. America long before their was Universe or Olympia. You can thank we women for cleaning up those dingy places, putting back some femininity into the mix. So why doesn’t America continue to take the lead? Because there is a seedy side to this sport and nobody wants to deal with it because some bitch is going to catch hell for her behavior. That’s why, it’s not a case of SHOULD. And I think Ryan will back me up on this. Grrrr….

  5. Hey, I’m pissed, excuse me Ryan, but if this is an open forum, I need to vent. If you guys are really looking for a relationship with the more “muscularly” inclined of “we”, then get off your back side walk up to us and tell us so, we won’t bite. We shop around just like you guys you don’t have to feel embarrassed because the only place you might find us is at the vitamin shop or grocery store or takin the kids to soccer. However if you want to continue in your little shell of a world don’t blame us if we pass you up on the way to the top. Get a grip guys, we are younger and more determined to be who we want to be not who you want us to be. Grrrrr….. Women aren’t taking over, you guys are giving up. And you all thought it was about equality. How dumb is that, we don’t seek equal we seek better and we are willing to earn it not have it handed to us. Now I’ll get down of the box. Grrrr…..

    1. You’re picking at bones because you’re not seeing the BIG PICTURE concerning what I’m trying to say. Seems like it flew right over your head. WAY over your head.

      Our society (I’m speaking of the USA) does not fully accept the muscular female or do not realize this. IF our society (mainly men who are insecure) was in full acceptance of muscular women, there would be MANY more women out there who are willing to build up their muscles.

      The point I’m making about SHOULD BE is this… imagine that our society was fully accepting to muscular gals as it was muscular guys. Don’t you think there would be many more women out there who are muscular or who are willing to become muscular?

      Incidentally, I don’t know where you live, but muscular gals walking about are quite scarce where I live. Practically non-existent. And if there really are more out there to be seen, it is quite possible that they might wear baggy clothing when out-and-about which doesn’t show their muscles because they don’t want to be ridiculed when they are out.

      It is not until recently that I have had the opportunity to come into semi-regular contact with two attractive muscular ladies. They happen to shop at the store where I work. I actually have walked up to them and met them. In fact, I speak to them whenever I see them. Unfortunately, they are both already married.

      You are basically saying that muscular gals are everywhere. Umm… they are indeed… not. Definitely not in the numbers they should be and would be if society welcomed them with open arms. I mean, how many movies and TV shows are out right now the feature muscular ladies as compared to muscular gentlemen?

      So, yes… you really missed the point I was making.

      1. Ryan the only reason I wear baggy cloths is to avoid the obvious. Hmmm… “why would she want to be like a guy? I’m not, but that’s because the general public only sees the seedy side of female bodybuilding. I believe men are afraid to compete so therefore, not accept, so why engage any conversation? The only thing driving female bodybuilding is the session business, cam websites, personal training and individual hope to gain a pro card. Is there another conversation? That’s it? I’ve crossed over to cross fit because it’s a more friendly neighborhood with fewer sex driven competitors, I can remain muscular without being obvious. I’m big, I’m intimidating I’m divorced. But I’m not ashamed, the only reason female bodybuilding can’t get out of the dark ages is because it survives in darkness, secret places, hotel rooms and then the fantasy stories, nobody wants to go or be known to go. You know who I’m talking about, those bitches that can’t survive with out their boy toys. Unfortunately there are fewer boy toys than female bodybuilders to go around. You really think some big time supplement company wants to be tagged to that? My sisters need to wake up and smell the seedy coffee. There is nothing competitive in female bodybuilding even the Judges are stumped, stumbling over their own definition. There will be no exposure if it continues in this vain. But SEX sells to the few that buy it. Being muscular is sexy, I don’t need idolization.

  6. WOW. what just happen here? anyway it was a nice read ryan. well shouldn’t Fitness & Figure. be in the same boat?

    1. hey, classoffitness who cares what it’s called, just don’t associated it with the boys. female muscle embarrasses the boys, especially the HS crowd that are more geeky minded. The older more adolescent actually think we are trying to be like them. That’s the problem, we aren’t. Why would I want to put up with being a weak guy. That’s what I love about the iron game, equal opportunity, who gives a shit what you call it, just don’t call it what it is Bodybuilding for Females?

      1. Hi C,

        Perhaps you may or may not have missed the point concerning what I was saying, but from reading this post… I can say that I like your way of thinking. This is pretty much what I was saying. There are many insecure males out there who do not like it when the woman is stronger and more muscular than they are. They don’t even like it when they are equal.

        They only like it when their woman is weaker with no visible muscles on her frame and if they see a woman with even the slightest hint of muscle, they say say… eww, she looks like a man. Of some other stupid comment. I once even had a friend who saw a picture I had up on my computer screen screen at work many years ago. It was of Marla Duncan. He saw the picture and immediately said… eww, she looks like a man. Now, if you know who Marla Duncan is, you know that she was never a BIG gal. She was always relatively small in musculature, yet my friend insisted that she looked manly when she OBVIOUSLY did not.

        These insecure men in out society are the ones who are keeping female muscle from proliferating like it should. Unfortunately, these insecure men seem to outnumber those who are secure in themselves.

        By the way, C., if you don’t mind me saying this… I would be interested in possibly seeing a picture of you. You actually sound like an intelligent person that can hold a decent conversation about not only female muscle, but other topics as well. I can’t help but find myself have, at the very least, a slight interest in you and would be interested in seeing if that interest has potential to increase. Perhaps even potentially become mutual interest.

        Well, in any event, my last name is Horde. Please feel free to hit me up on Facebook. Later. 🙂

  7. Byron, you seem to be a reasonable guy, I’m sure you admire a muscular, so therefore strong, female. We live in a free country or at least we assume so, but until we find the “who” in us and the “why” that drives us to move into a domain that men have dominated since the beginning of existence there will be no resolve. There has been a lot of talk lately about “radicalization” of a certain minority of religious people. So “radicalization” is the topic that needs to be discussed in a world full of controversy and crisis, wouldn’t you agree?

    What’s more radical than a muscular woman who appears to be invading a man’s space or face? Firstly, we are not! Have you seen any female competitor call out a male counter part in a competition? NO! Why? Because it would be counter productive to our lofty goals of being the best regardless of WHO. Could it happen, could there be a competitor from the female ranks capable of giving a competitor from the male ranks a run for his money? Do I need to answer that? Draw your on fanciful conclusion. It would be great for show business. I imagine if marketed appropriately it would bring in flies off the wall, might even bring in the general public, imagine that, the general public coming to a competitions to see Mrs somebody take down Mr. nobody.

    You know this would be a made for Maury Povich event, just to MC or God forbid Arnold. LOL Who wouldn’t want to attend that Atlantic City Circus, what ever the purse, winner take all, fair and square, straight up no chaser? LOL. I can see the media stumbling all over themselves trying to get in on the interview. Now the focus would be off the sex angle, but are we ready to set the bar that high? I mean if we are going to be professional about it, we need to take a few plays out of the Don King book of promotion and just turn it in to a comedy show of shows.

    Look, I do not do facebook or any of the social media sites, simple reason, it’s my privacy not the world’s. Once you inter the virtual public domain there is NO PROTECTION. You can’t defend yourself, which scares me when I think Homeland Security doesn’t look under the hood of these media sites, when for cryin out load what isn’t public on facebook? Everybody today is offended at something, why offend a bunch of insecure male bodybuilders? Something stinks about that, maybe it’s just me, but I have no interest in entertaining some weirdo to find my own legitimacy. Female bodybuilding or any strength demanding venture is legit, regardless of gender. I think it will be Cross Fit that saves bodybuilding for females if it’s to be saved, I think FBB is on life support, I think America is on life support for the same reasons.

    1. Wow!!!! Who is “C” curious guys would like to know. I have not laid eyes on her and I’m already in love. Go “C”

    2. Hello C,

      Haven’t been here for a LONG while. Well, the reason why I mentioned Facebook is because Messenger would be a good way to possibly get to know more about each other. Perhaps become friends and maybe even see where it goes from there. That is, if you would be interested. I’d actually not want to do that on an open forum.

      Again… that is why I brought up Facebook. Basically, for the sake of using Messenger and because pictures of the person who has a page can usually be found there. I’d be interested in seeing how you look overall.

      However, since you don’t exactly use social media, it kind of stops right there. Unless, you have another suggestion. Of course, this is only if you have mutual interest. If not, please disregard everything I just said here.

      1. I’m not sure how all this works, I found this blog a few weeks ago. I found this woman (C) who had responded to a very touchy subject matter. I noticed your reply in what appeared to be a conversation going back an forth, I’m ignorant of the whole messaging thing. But after reading C’s replies and your replies I’ve concluded Wow she is really a cool chic.

      2. Very much in agreement with you. She seems quite cool. Hence my interest. 🙂

      3. Do you have anyway of connecting with her? I’d like to exchange emails with her just to get a better understanding of how women like her feel the way they do. I think she makes valid points. Wouldn’t you agree?

      4. Yes, I do agree. Unfortunately, other than here, I have no other way to contact her. Certainly would like to, but no other communication paths are open between her and I, at this time.

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