Who is Ryan Takahashi?

Who am I, exactly? Read on…

My name is not Ryan Takahashi. These adventures are not in any way autobiographical.

If only, right?

What is true about me is that I reside in the Seattle area (I live in a suburb of Seattle, but who’s keeping track?), I’m Japanese-American, I’m a professional marketing copywriter and this blog is my creative writing outlet.

On this blog you will find several styles of writings: fiction, non-fiction, essays, playwriting and whatever I feel like publishing at the moment. For now, enjoy “The Adventures of Ryan Takahashi,” a continuing series of adventures of a protagonist who is not unlike me. We share several of the same personality traits, but we are definitely not the same person.

This blog will deal primarily with the interconnection of race and sexuality. Many of these posts will be sexually explicit in nature as they deal with my personal fantasies and fetishes. Do not read this blog if you find that sort of thing offensive.

Please note that I take sexuality seriously and make no attempt to be crude. You will find nothing crude or demeaning on this blog. I believe we should view sexuality for what it is: part of us all and inescapable in our everyday lives. I’m no philosopher, so I’ll leave the deeper analysis to the experts.

But mostly, these stories should be fun, harmless escapist fiction. If you have any feedback or comments, feel free to e-mail me at ryantakahashi87 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Happy reading! I’d also welcome suggestions of other like-minded blogs and authors in the comments below. I’m always open to expanding my reading palette.

Peace out, beautiful people.

6 thoughts on “Who is Ryan Takahashi?”

  1. This is great, Ryan! the new books I’ve been writing are about gender–crossdresser, non-specific gender, etc. I write young adult. It’s difficult for the mainstream to understand or be interested. I’ve been trying to get an agent for my work and it’s been difficult. Have you gotten anything published?

    1. Hi Sally,

      No, I’ve never had any of my fiction writing published. I’ve worked as a freelance journalist in the past, so I’ve had my work published in newspapers and magazines, but never anything in book form. Good luck on finding an agent!

  2. I am as addicted to your writing as I am addicted to the superiority and dedication that every female bodybuilder proudly displays. The stage is her only outlet other than web presents and her enter circle of sisters who see the posibilities. Very few women have the ego it takes to become anything other than weak. Superior is not a natural selection until you come in contact with unexpected and pinch yourself as assume you can compete, but should be smart enough to know better! YIKES!! Would it be easier to just say Girl? Women who have earned the right to brag about their prowest are rare, unless it fits the stereo typical mold or roll of the weaker sex. It’s expected of a man to brag even generally acceptable, but women who actually earn that right are the most exceptional yet rejected of the norm! Just my opinion, but it is undeniable, words can’t explain and I always have an excuse that never makes since. But I find away to excuse myself from reality and embrace my fantasy ALONE. Reality requires change, change that can frighten the bravest of men. I am an addicted fan, but even I am not brave enough to step across the line of normal and be open about what I know I can’t deny. I try to be a man but honestly even being of age doesn’t excuse me for being a little boy affraid.

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