In My Own Words: Carmichael

Julia Vins is one of Carmichael’s favorites. Can you blame him?

For our next entry into this series, I’m proud to introduce you to Carmichael. He’s a 22-year-old fellow who is also a blogger like myself. He loves female bodybuilders, wrestlers, and Amazonian Women. Who doesn’t, right?

You can find his blog at Subscribe to his posts, follow him on Twitter at @dup3rjon1 or send him an email at

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s Carmichael!

When did you first discover your love for female muscle?

It all started when I was a freshman in junior high school. At that time, I didn’t know there was something called an “Amazon woman,” but I was always attracted to tall and huge women. Then one day I decided to just Google “tall woman” and “strong woman” (I know it’s lame, but hey, I was just a little kid!) then I found Mikayla Miles! She was the tallest fitness model I’d ever seen at the time! She was the first huge strong woman I’d ever loved.

At first I didn’t know that I loved women with huge muscle like female bodybuilders, I just knew that I loved a fit woman. But then my love for muscles grew and now I love female bodybuilders more than ever!

Mikayla Miles and friends.

Why are you attracted to (or an admirer of) female bodybuilders?

I’m not really sure why, but maybe because I’m a submissive at heart. I always wanted to get dominated by women, but not just an ordinary woman. I want to be dominated by a strong, huge woman who can really dominate me.

I also got bored by the typical “skinny woman” you see nowadays. It aroused me more to see a woman with arms as big as my legs!

Have you ever met a female bodybuilder (or a woman with a lot of muscles)? If so, what were the circumstances?

Unfortunately no…

How would you react to someone who says that a guy (or gal) who likes female bodybuilders is strange, weird, kooky in the head, etc.?

I’m cool with it.

Female bodybuilders are a strange thing in society. It’s their loss to be honest LOL

It’s their loss for not liking females with muscles!

Cindy Landolt is a common fan favorite.

Have you ever told anyone that you’re into female muscle?

Noooo…even though I love female bodybuilders, I’m not ready to be judged by my friends and family. They will never understand the beauty of female bodybuilders.

If you could tell someone who doesn’t understand your attraction to female muscle one thing, what would it be?

Strong and dominant women are the future.

Do you ever foresee a situation in the future when women with muscles and people who admire them will become more accepted by society?

No, not in a short time. Maybe in another 10 or more years since there are a lot of young female bodybuilders like Julia Vins, Bakhar Nabieva, etc. who can inspire a lot of young girls to train at the gym!

One thought on “In My Own Words: Carmichael”

  1. I an 46; so I’ve got some experience in this area & would suggest having a session that is something that you will have never experienced the feeling of whatever your actuall motivation is..I thought that a competitive match was the best but my first time with an actual bodybuilder was in 1995 with Karla Nelson..I was disappointed that she only does semi competitive but I didn’t want anything sensual, don’t know why, but that was why zi scheduled a match with one of the biggest, yet feminine women who had an upper body that I had been thinking about since I first saw some obscure magazine a couple years prior saying something like “Do you ever wonder how it would be to be overpowered by a beautiful woman who would satisfy your fantasies of the whatever..There was no internet so I simply called the phone # & asked for Lisa ” Robin Parker”..I had always wanted to wrestle some of the women who had been on that circuit that I didn’t know existed for years…I was planning on getting this urge to do it out of my system for 10 years, so I was really thinking of which of the dozen women that were doing this would be the best to do that.. so Karla Nelson what is the same height as me and wait about 10 pounds more than me so we were similar in strength but again in my mind this was a one time thing, I’ve done like 50 of them and will probably continue to until the day I die . i’m running late and when I get to her hotel in New York City hundred miles from where I live, she said that she only can do a half an hour not an hour so she looked fantastic her body was very arousing but I did not want her to know that so we started on the bed, there were no match in a hotel room which initially I thought would suck but i’m more into her upper body like have clocks and double leg grapevines with her arms wrapped around your head and your face being smothered, that’s not a bad place to be. So as we started I countered her attempt at a headlock and she was helpless.. she initially thought that there was a way out but honestly there wasn’t and I just applied a little more pressure little more little more and she had to swallow her pride when she realized she lost. So I showed her what that maneuver wires and after showing her twice she said OK so let’s do that one more time and we were doing it in slow motion the first two times so the third time as I was showing her I was not expecting her to put me in a headlock with all of her strength during her breast on one side of my face with her by step on the other side and now I was helpless but she would not let me go when I tapped which was actually scary initially my heart rate was jacked and she said something like tell me what you said before a bit about me not being a strong as you initially thought. I said it’s got nothing to do with strength then I looked at her other arm and I said OK maybe it does Adam like all right I give up I give up and she said that she would let me help when she was ready and she knew that it hurt but not that much but the notion that I was helpless why is it so both scary and erotic at the same time.. we were both having a good time and it was a matter of who got the right on the other first so I want to several and he won several but one particular time when she what is trying to get on top of me to paint me I was really fighting to not have that happen because I did not want her to feel the fact that I was incredibly aroused at this point. That would’ve been, so I thought very awkward but that double a great find it something she is very good at & when she let go of my pinned arms to wrap those arms of hers around my head which while it was hard to breathe it was not a bad place to be. I tapped because I knew that she could feel I was aroused and she said I like this too much her so I’m a hold you here for an hour. that is when I realized that she’s using me for her own pleasure, I mean she was wearing a little thong and I could feel my manhood who was standing at attention getting wet and her groaning as she was grinding on me gave me a feeling that I will never forget. I was very respectful I realized that I would have to endure this so I asked her if I could put my hands on her ass and she said of course. She thought it was cute that I was so naïve . I ended up in that position for about 20 minutes every couple minutes when my arms would be caressing her sick sweaty back and she would just give me a cute grand and say don’t you know how much I’m enjoying this
    I was beyond satisfied and to be clear grinding with my boxers on and her son was as far as it went, probably because I never expected there to be a sexual component on her part, but after her second or third orgasm I could feel her grabbing my head maximizing her pleasure .. I cannot describe how old arousing that is and how old this memory would be indelibly imprinted on my mind to this day. After about 75 minutes she and I just talked Russell a little bit but nothing hard-core and I said something like fuck me I wish I knew that you did this for the past five years because remember there was no inter-web in 1991 when I was 19 but her smile at my, it was my first session so she asked me if I was having fun and I said oh fuck yes, and she asked me if I came. I said no but I don’t for see me driving for 90 minutes with this hard on it would not go away.. she said and she was serious when are you going to bathroom and jerk yourself off bye I said no I went in the bathroom and P which was difficult considering there was a lot of blood there and I just experienced a lifelong dream. so when I left her hotel room and she made sure to hug me if you times to see if I was still aroused and I said I’m gonna be a wrap I’m gonna be like this for a month if not longer and she thought that was sweet and it was genuinely what I thought and it is 20 years later actually 23 years later and that effect is occurring as I write this. I’ve had at least 25 to 30 sessions, some of them have sucked some of them have led to relationships Santos been duds & some have lead to just an animalistic sexual fuck fest. you see we elevate these females to a status that most guys don’t and I think you know that; most guys because I updated some of these women and my friends would always say dude you’re fucking a guy and it really pissed me off but whether it was Tina Lockwood or Melissa Coates or Denise Hosher & One thing they had in common was they were attractive women who or just that women they like when you buy them flowers or take them to a nice restaurant just like any other girl. They liked it when U Haul into our open for them you know what how how any lady should be treated.. So I would never schedule a session with a girl unless she was also dating material and I am not shy so they can do whatever they want to me and there are so many old hairy schmoes veteran to some let’s just say weird fetishes that a young in shape normal guy like myself is refreshing for them and in most cases I would be ultra humble and make them, Tazzie Colomb is a great example in 2004 I think it was I said I’m not shy and she said you want to take your boxers off they were off in two seconds and she just said oh yeah and it was a great session .. I told her that I’ve had an attraction to her since I first saw her in a muscle mag in the late 1980s and I meant it and she knew I meant it. I could go on and on and on and I would love to share stories even if it’s just me Sherah but bro pick the type of girl you want to have whatever kind of session you think you would love and go to one of the travel pages and schedule a session .. I regret not although as I said I did not know this industry existed that some women like Kris Luebke and Laura Vukov had retired but WB 270 is a good source, depending upon what you were expectations are. Anyway depending upon the specific girl what you like you may be a little disappointed or you may be, as I was changed in a good way for the rest of your life… let me know if you have any questions because you have a blog and I have experience in this very exciting session community but it’s kind of like something that you have to experience once and believe me you will be addicted to it and if you have a bad experience try different girl . also there are so many women that do this under aliases some are extremely under the radar but sorry I am responding to a one-year-old post but I would have been doing this since I knew it existed and ultimately it comes down to a memory and I don’t know if you are married single have a girlfriend or engaged but I am single but I’ve been dating the same girl for two years now so probably going to marry her next year and she loves that I am very into pleasuring her at least once or twice every day and don’t get me wrong she’s very hot but some of that desire when I’m with Nancy and after 30 or 40 or 50 minutes I’m thinking about one of the great experiences with one of these women even if it wasn’t sexual out it bro that is something I would never tell her but if you’re a normal guy you will understand exactly what I mean once you’ve had a couple enjoyable sessions.

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